Hong Kong styled
Egg Waffle in Tokyo

Our goal is to create authentic 1950’s-style Hong Kong egg waffles, bringing these popular street snacks to Tokyo.


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Our history

Stanley is a coastal town in Hong Kong. Famous for its relaxing atmosphere and nearby a seaside strip. We want to bring this unknown side of Hong Kong to Tokyo, where everyone can enjoy our egg waffle.

スタンリーは香港の沿岸地域にある街です。落ち着いた雰囲気で有名な街で、近くには海岸線があります。 香港のまだよく知られていない側面を東京に持ち帰り、皆様が私たちのエッグワッフルを楽しむことができるようにしたいと思っています。

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We took the traditional street snack and added it with twist.



For those who prefer simple and original, traditional style served.


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We are open everyday 13:00~20:00 except Tuesday.

4-2-25 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

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